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Material Supply


We are the Nigeria representative of the largest winch manufacturers in Europe. We represent ACE Winches and Emce Winches / Stockvis group. Both are OEM for Winch in Europe. We also represent other OEM in USA, Europe & across the globe. We supply all kinds of Marine hardware, heavy & light equipment, Oiltools, Technical materials and Safety materials. Our material supply unit is very responsive to meet clients need within the minimum time possible. We supply materials like Marine Anchor, Anchor Chain and Shackles, Fenders, Zodiac, Cross-Overs (Integral and welded), Risers, Valves (all sizes and types from needle valve to ball valve and butterfly valve etc), Tubing/Liners, Hoses (hydraulic and air hoses), flanges (RTJ, RF), Metaflex and Ring gasket, Elbows, Hammer and Weco union, Choke bins, Choke box, Ranarex gravitometer, Temperature and Humidity gauge, Pressure gauge, Barton Recorder, Barton Chart etc. Also available are 602, 1002 and 1502 thread / wing pipe work and fittings of various sizes, High pressure hoses, mud transfer hoses, Sand Piper & Teflon Reciprocating pumps Our safety materials include but not limited to Absorbent pad, Safety Shoes, Safety boots, Coverall (fire retardant and ordinary), handgloves, nose mask, face shield, Helmet, respirators, ear muff, ear plugs, eye goggles, leather gloves, Rig wash etc. We also supply both brand new and fairly used equipments like compressors, power tools, winches etc and other technical materials.